Sunday, June 12, 2011

365Beautiful, Day 5 ... Home

This is my parent's back yard. A quiet and tranquil place, when it needs to be. A boisterous center of activity, when it wants to be.

Today's entry will be a quick one, as I hear the sizzling of meat being grilled outside and the music has started playing.

I chose to post this photo today because no matter where I am, what I'm feeling or who has shaken the foundation of my being, I always know there's home. This warm and beautiful place filled with beautiful people.

The furniture may be mis-matched and dishes may be chipped. There's always trash to take out and floors to sweep, but this is home. Here everything can disappear between the slats of the grill or fizzle away with the swaying of the lemon tree.

Here is where I can walk in and put my head on my mother's lap and let her stroke my hair, despite my 32 years and millions of tantrums and lost tempers.

I just heard the popping sound of an opened beer bottle, that's a beautiful sound. I'll end this entry here...

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