Monday, June 20, 2011

365Beautiful.... Day 8 Something out of Nothing (June 15, 2011)

Today I had the pleasure of taking in a Dodger game with Paco. We were sitting in great seats, under the shade with a perfect view of the field. We started talking about the left-field Pavilion and relating stories about those being the seats that riff-raff would buy. 

"That's where we sat when I was a kid!" I said happily. 

"Exactly," he joked. 

I laughed and felt content that I was one of those riff-raff individuals that sat in left-field Pavilion and heckled the other team when they were in the outfield. Throwing popcorn and peanuts at each other and taking in the sun. We may have really been riff-raff to some people, but the times we spent sitting in the Pavilion were full of laughter and smiles. It didn't matter that we bought the seats at a discounted rate, that we couldn't really see who was at bat, or that the sun was bathing us in its summer rays. What mattered was that we were there, enjoying the day, being kids and being alive. They were beautiful memories that flowed through my head as we sat and talked. I kept turning to the Pavilion to see the groups of families running up and down the bleachers, throwing their legs over the rows in front of them, enjoying their popcorn and hot dogs. They probably paid close to nothing for their seats, but there they were, enjoying their day. 

Happiness can be so simple sometimes. A smile, a ray of sunshine, a crushed peanut under your shoe.

Such a great something out of seemingly nothing.  

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